About Us

“Continental Hospitals has engaged the best physicians from the community, nationally & internationally with a ‘quality first’ concept, has engaged the best nurses with a ‘patient care first’ concept, has engaged the best employees with a ‘patient dignity’, safety first’ concept and always practice evidence based medicine with the highest integrity and ethics”, says Dr Guru N Reddy.

Focused on patient centric care, Continental Hospitals has brought together a team of expert medical professionals to provide the highest standards of healthcare delivery by embracing world-class best practices and by engaging in continuous learning and research. Continental Hospitals’ physicians and staff deliver the latest in medical treatment and evidence-based medicine.

Continental Hospitals is India’s first LEED qualified super specialty hospital. This Healthcare Institution, a 700-bed super specialty tertiary care facility, is built to international standards and designed to enhance the healing spaces with natural ventilation, safety and privacy. Continental Hospitals in its 18 floor structure has incorporated safest standards in the world including fire, water resources, sanitation and internal transportation systems.

By emulating patient centric medicine, understanding the impact of sound patient-physician relationships, and knowing the successes of collaborative practice of medicine, Dr Guru N Reddy brings compassionate care to Continental Hospitals in Hyderabad.

With 30+ specialties, Continental Hospitals offers a New Experience in Healthcare. By providing world-class technologies, 21 modular Operation Theaters, renowned doctors, compassionate nurses, advanced ICUs (90 beds) and Emergency Center, the healthcare institute is here to redefine healthcare scenario in India. Continental Hospitals’ commitment to offer accurate diagnosis, evidence-based medicine and superior patient-centric care remains at the center of everything we deliver.

Continental Hospitals has engineered a specially designed building that aims to maintain uni-directional flow of man and material to avoid cross infections. The first-of-its-kind design provides different entrances for different patient needs and specified towers (Diagnostic & Treatment, Out Patient and Nursing Towers) to answer patients’ health requirements effortlessly.

Vision, Mission & Values

Vision Statement

To utilize the best practices from across the world to provide the highest quality care to each patient in the most cost effective manner. Continental Hospitals is committed to the benefit of humanity through dependable patient care, education and research.

Mission Statement

“Continental Hospitals will provide the best quality care to every patient everyday in a cost effective manner. In partnership with our medical staff and employees, we are dedicated to compassion, dignity and excellence in caring for the whole person – mind, body and spirit.”

We are also committed to treat everyone in our diverse community with respect and dignity and benefit humanity through dependable patient care, education and research.

Our Values

Quality: Continental Hospitals is committed to the continuous evaluation and improvement of all processes related to delivering comprehensive medical treatment and superior patient care.

Integrity: Transparency among systems and physician practices will reflect Continental Hospitals conduct at all times.

Excellence: Continental Hospitals will strive to foster teamwork, innovation, personal responsibility and trust in every aspect.

Dignity: Continental Hospitals will always uphold patient dignity, safety and respect.